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Whether you have just bought an air conditioner, or if you already have it and want to optimize use and consumption, save this item to your favorites. We provide you with the key aspects of the ideal temperature of the air conditioning, how to optimise use to save at the end of the month, learn some false myths and other tips.


Most of us live in cities, which causes the heat to remain locked, without reducing temperatures, even at night. That's why refreshing our home is so important. We leave you the best ways to cool the house without the consumption skyrocketing.


Learn how to optimise the ideal temperature with consumption

Summer is the time when there is the greatest mismatch between the ideal temperature and the one we have inside the house. So much so, that more than 90% of people put the air conditioning too low. What can you do to not be among the majority?


What is the ideal temperature for the air conditioning?

The ideal temperature to save and that the machine does not make excessive use of energy should not exceed 12 degrees with respect to the temperature outside. In this way, we will obtain an adequate temperature to relieve excess heat and, at the same time, prevent the device from working too much.


How to optimise the use of air conditioning

It depends on the age and characteristics of the air conditioning, but there are certain general guidelines to optimise its use and not abuse it. The ideal temperature to obtain an adequate balance between an optimal temperature, a reduced or balanced price and an efficient use of the device must range from 19 to 21 degrees in winter and from 22 to 26 degrees in summer.


Differences between air conditioning mode and ECO mode

As stated by the Organisation of Consumers and Users (OCU), ECO mode is a program that incorporates most air conditioning machines and "allows energy savings". The name may vary depending on the manufacturer as well as their specific savings values.

There is no doubt about is the reduction in consumption that they mean compared to the normal mode. The ECO mode can reach "about 30% savings in energy consumption," the OCU clarifies in a report dedicated to these appliances last year.


Which is better, leave the air conditioning on or activate it only time to time?

The key to this question is to maintain the temperature of a room and not to change the thermostat of the remote control from time to time. In addition, in this way, the device has to work less and consumption is reduced and we achieve the goal of saving. In the same way, we must be attentive, because it makes no sense to keep the device on if we are not going to be in that room for a long time or if we are going to be moving around the house.


9 tips to save on air conditioning consumption in a responsible, efficient and satisfactory way

15-minute rule: put on or off the device 15 minutes before entering or leaving the room. 

Lower temperature does not mean greater speed: the opposite effect is achieved, because the device is "stressed", it consumes more and the cost increases.

Closing the doors: it seems obvious, but if we are going to be in a room for a long time, isolating the room will help it to cool down faster.

Continuous maintenance: at least once a year, the device requires a filter cleaning to remove dust and impurities. We extend its life time and avoid potential health issues.

Saving with each degree of difference: each degree down increases the bill for at least 8%.

Efficiency above all: depending on how old the device are, they can be a great source of consumption. Therefore, we may consider replacing it with the more efficient one.

Blinds on windows are the first barrier against heat. The best way to save is to prevent, keeping the room at stable temperatures.

Dressing according to the temperature: adjust your clothes to the circumstances and the temperature of the room so as not to make excessive use of electricity.

Ideal device for adequate consumption: when the heat comes we think of air conditioning, but depending on the area in which you live, a standing or ceiling fan can reduce consumption by up to 90%.


What are the real benefits of using the fan?

The fan is still the most appropriate device in relation to its consumption price and efficiency. Especially in areas where temperature changes are not abrupt or extreme. Translated into numbers: an average air conditioning has about 2,500 or 3,000 refrigerators and consumes 1.8 kw/h. Meanwhile, a fan consumes just 0.080 kw/h.


The power of these small appliances should not be underestimated: their cooling capacity manages to reduce the environment between 2 and 3 degrees, which makes it an inseparable companion in the face of a wave of summer heat, especially at peak hours.

I'm Spanish Adviser and you can ask me any question related to Spain. Our people speak 🇬🇧 🇺🇸 🇪🇸 🇩🇪 🇫🇷 🇺🇦 🇷🇺.

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