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Becoming a homeowner is surely the most important economic decision you will make in life. To choose correctly, there are a number of factors that you must take into account before buying a second-hand property.


These are small special precautions, such as finding out the condition of the real estate and other data such as the behavior of the neighbours, which you could not find out when acquiring a house under construction, for example.


In this article, we indicate things you should keep in mind before buying a second-hand home with guarantees and success.

Checking the condition of the house is a basic rule.


It is the first step to buying a second-hand home without taking surprises. We recommend a detailed review: cabinets, faucets, windows, trims, doors or closures, among other aspects. You should also not forget about pipes or everything related to the electrical system. In other words, open and close faucets and turn on and off the lights in the house.


Check the exterior condition of the building

You do not need to be an architect to review the external structure of the property for damage or to check the degree of conservation of the facade. Not only is it important to check the interior of the house, but the condition of the building seen from the outside will also help us make the right decision.


How old is the house?

Among the things to take into account before buying a second-hand home, the age of it stands out. You can check this information in the cadastre, where you will also find out what materials and construction systems were used. Keep in mind that the older the floor, the more you may have to make a greater investment in further works or repairs.


Check the orientation of the building

The orientation of the house or second-hand apartment you intend to buy may be better or worse. Likewise, you should know that this factor directly influences the final price and, therefore, also the mortgage you apply for.


Visit the Land Registry (can be done online) 

You can get the simple note about the house you want to buy to verify that the owner is really who he / she claims to be and that there are no previous burdens on the property that may surprise you later, as well as the exact data of it.

Undoubtedly, this is an action that is worth taking to gain peace of mind before making the transaction.


Make sure that the house is not currently rented.

It seems too obvious advice, but the truth is that it is a fundamental step before thinking about buying any property. Logically, if it is, you must respect that previously signed rental agreement.


Check the status of the common areas

Garage space, swimming pool, storage room, recreation or games areas, sports facilities, etc. All these areas will also be used in the future and, again, what you should know before buying a second-hand home is what condition they are in.

Talk to the neighbors and, if there are any, the janitor or the guard.


It does not hurt to contact the community of owners to detect damage to the floor or additional problems that affect it. It can be noises, problematic neighbors or defects in the common facilities that will result in future spills, which would have an unexpected additional expense.


Inspect the area at different times of the day

Go to the area where the house is located in different time phases throughout the day, even at night and some weekend. This way you will avoid unpleasant surprises in the environment when you are already making use of your new property.


Possible humidity in the house

Humidity is a recurring problem that you must locate in the process of buying a used home. A good home insurance will cover you against humidity and other damage that you have not found, so you should think about the possibility of having one to avoid future problems.


These instructions for buying a used home will help you avoid mistakes and fall into future expenses. Buying a second-hand house can be cheaper than buying a new one, especially since you will have more ability to negotiate with its owner.

I'm Spanish Adviser and you can ask me any question related to Spain. Our people speak 🇬🇧 🇺🇸 🇪🇸 🇩🇪 🇫🇷 🇺🇦 🇷🇺.

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