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Your dog is another member of your family and, like any other, it has its special needs. One of them can be an insurance for dogs. And having civil liability insurance is mandatory for certain races.1


Which breeds need the mandatory insurance for dogs?

Pet insurance is mandatory for the breeds included in the list of Potentially Dangerous Dogs or PPP, as established by Royal Decree 287/2002. The law limits which dogs need mandatory insurance and includes the following breeds:

Pit Bull Terrier

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

American Staffodshire Terrier


Argentine dogo

Fila Brasileiro

Tosa Inu

Akita Inu

To these are added the crosses between PPP breeds and dogs that meet certain physical characteristics described in Annex II of Royal Decree 287/2002. Among these attributes are musculature, robustness, thoracic perimeter, a marked character or having large and strong jaws. In the end, these are dogs whose bite can cause great damage.


What kind of dog insurance do you need to take out?

These types of dog need what is known as Civil Liability insurance, which is also mandatory insurance for cars and motorcycles. This type of insurance is sometimes offered within the Home Insurance and covers the damage that the dog may cause to third parties (hence in the motor world they are known as "third-party insurance").


Imagine that your dog bites a person. The civil liability of the dog insurance will be responsible for paying the corresponding compensation for medical expenses and even for the damages it may cause. In the case of mandatory dog insurance, the amount insured for civil liability must be at least €120,000 by Real Decreto 287/2002, sobre el régimen jurídico de la tenencia de animales potencialmente peligrosos.


The autonomous communities also decide

To what you have just seen, regional regulations can be added. There are communities, such as Madrid or the Basque Country, where all dogs must be insured, regardless of their breed - Seguro, chip, normas de convivencia… Lo que hay que saber antes de adquirir una mascota


In other words, whether you have a Pitbull Terrier or a Yorkshire Terrier, you will need dog insurance.

Insuring your dog is a good idea.


Beyond what the law dictates, having insurance for dogs is always advisable. Regardless of the breed, your pet can cause damage. Without insurance, you will have to pay them out of pocket and the bill can be high.


In addition, good pet insurance will usually include additional coverage, such as check-ups, 24-hour emergency consultations or the annual vaccine.


In the end, a good insurance for your pet will protect you and also take care of that special member of the family.


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