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The process of company incorporation in Spain is not difficult, but requires some step by step approach. If you're an individual(s) opening a new business for yourself and you have got a NIE (foreigner number, which serves as Spanish tax number too). 


  • The first thing to do is to request a company name from the commercial registry (Registro Comercial). You can request up to 5 different names, but the Registry will take one of them. You can request names an unlimited number of times, but each intent costs about 20 euros. My recommendation would be to check similar names on the Internet first and make your request keeping those names you found in mind and don’t request anything similar.
  • Once you have got a positive certificate from the Registry with your name reserved for 3 months, the next task is to open an interim bank account in one of the Spanish banks, transfer 6 eur or 3000 eur depending on type of the company and get a certificate with your new company bank account number.
  • You’re ready to go to the notary for incorporation. He/She will need all the documents listed below, your passport(s), details of company ownership and CINAE code, which indicates your industry. 
  • If the new business needs to be owned by a foreign company, the first thing to do is to obtain a NIF (company tax number in Spain) for this entity and make a Power of Attorney for a person who will make the incorporation.


Any help with opening a new company in Spain?

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