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If you have been looking for information on how to become a remote worker in Spain, we have all the information you need about the new digital nomadic visa for Spain.


But why are remote work visas such a fashionable issue right now?

Companies around the world have experienced significant changes in the workplace. More specifically, remote work has experienced a boom in popularity. Possibly the global pandemic is the initiator of this change in ways of working, but what is clear is that many workers welcomed remote work, which is here to stay.


The rise of remote work possibilities

Many companies are implementing long-term measures to keep up with the demand for remote work options.

In addition, many countries are also beginning to recognise such changes, implementing laws and measures to deal with these serious changes.


Here we tell you everything you need to know when moving to Spain

In this article, we show you everything you need to obtain a digital nomadic visa for Spain. Let's go!


Digital nomads visa for Spain: who can apply for it?

Being able to work anywhere in the world has several advantages, such as improving the work-life balance, cost savings and flexibility in general. For those who choose to move their work abroad, being able to experience a new country and at the same time receive a salary is a great benefit.


Previously, digital nomads had few resources or many conditions that they had to meet when working abroad. Recently, certain countries are offering specific visas for digital nomads; and Spain is one of those countries. Let's look into the requirements.


People who can apply for a digital nomad visa for Spain must comply with:

  • Work for a company registered outside the national territory of Spain
  • Receive most of your income from companies outside Spain
  • Have a monthly income of at least double the Spanish national minimum wage
  • Being a foreign worker of a foreign company based in Spain
  • To be able to demonstrate the knowledge and experience applicable to your work.
  • Having a clean criminal record


Digital entrepreneurs who meet these criteria are eligible to apply for this visa.

Basically, any digital nomad or entrepreneur who considers himself / herself a non-European Economic Area (EEA) citizen can apply for this type of visa / residency permit.


Additional information about the Startups Law in Spain

Before going deeper into the digital nomads visa for Spain, let's take a quick look at what the Startups Law entails.

In general, the Startup Law was approved at the end of winter 2022. This law is intended to help promote the growth of new companies while providing the legal framework that adapts to market demand.


Some of the specific general objectives of the law in the eyes of Spanish Government are:

  • Attracting talent and global professionals
  • Boosting investments in research and development
  • Attract the best professionals to Spain, functioning as an entrepreneurship hub
  • Boosting investments in startups in general
  • Provide a backdrop for foreigners to obtain residence in Spain

The law has been approved and should be in force at the beginning of 2023.


Practically, the government is looking for:

Create a nomadic digital hub in Spain

Promote of the Spanish economy

Create more coworking spaces in Spain


The law also defines of what is considered a startup, in addition to offering tax advantages, and the creation of the digital nomad visa for remote workers.


Types of digital nomad visa for Spain and how to apply for it

Since the requirements of the legal framework are still in process, the specific steps necessary to apply for such a visa should be available soon. However, it is likely that applications for a digital nomads visa will be processed in a similar way to other visas: at a local Spanish consulate or embassy.


Some of the types of Spanish work permits include (in general, only for your information😞

Type A: seasonal work (maximum duration of nine months)

Type B: Maximum work period of one year

Type 😄 Maximum extension of two years

Permanent: Unlimited but must be renewed every five years.

Extraordinary permits or Type F permits


Documents required for a digital nomadic visa for Spain

The necessary requirements and forms for employment-based visas and work permits include:

Copy of the passport

Criminal record

Foreigner Identity Number (NIE)

Job offer (more conditions)

Medical certificate from a doctor

Description of the company and work activity

Work permit application form

Proof of health insurance coverage

All these forms and documents will have to be taken to your Immigration Office (immigration office).


There are some great benefits of getting Spanish nomads visa. Let's review some of the general basic benefits:

Residence for a minimum of 9 months

Opportunity to obtain permanent residence in Spain

Income Tax benefits with lower rate - 15% before 60,000 EUR and 25% after it

Particularly beneficial for UK citizens affected by Brexit


How long does it take to obtain a digital nomad visa for Spain?

Obtaining approval for a work visa in another country depends largely on how many applications are sent and whether you meet all the necessary requirements. In general, based on my experience the whole process takes from 3 to 6 months. If you have an open Schengen visa you are able to apply for the visa staying in Spain, but all needed documents must be prepared.


Digital nomad visa for Spain: Paperwork when permission is granted

Upon your arrival in Spain as a non-EU citizen, there are some paperwork needs to be done.


First of all, you need to register your residence address

Visit police office and apply for residency card (takes up to 40 days to receive it after the appointment)

Open bank account in a local online or regular bank - What are the best banks in Spain for opening a bank account

Request your social security number


What happens if you already have a work permit for Spain?

If you have lived in Spain for at least a year, you can exchange your residence permit for a work visa to become a nomad / self-employed professional. The documentation required to make this change includes proof of income, contracts with your customers.


When to renew your visa?

The usual deadline is to make the application between 60 days before your current permit expires or within 90 days after your permit expires.


Steps to remember for a digital nomadic visa for Spain

No matter where you come from, each visa applicant must comply with some key steps before becoming a true self-employed professional.



Great places in Spain to do remote work

While you wait for your application to be approved, you can explore some of the best destinations for digital nomads in Spain!

Many cities in Spain are prepared for freelancers who hope to find joint workspaces or friendly configurations for digital nomads.

Some options you can explore include cities like Madrid or Barcelona.

If you prefer a more coastal feeling, the Costa Blanca, Valencia or Alicante as well as Costa del Sol or Seville are excellent places for digital nomads.


Ready to apply for a digital nomadic visa for Spain?

Are you ready to walk through the charming streets of the old town of Valencia or swim in the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean Ocean? Maybe you're dying to take a quiet walk through the lush vegetation of Park Güell or contemplate the impressive architecture of La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.


The digital nomad visa for Spain will give you the opportunity to do all of the above and more while working abroad!

This new visa undoubtedly brings a lot of benefits to your adventure as a digital nomad.


I will elaborate the topic while new info is coming through from the authorities.


I'm Spanish Adviser and you can ask me any question related to Spain. Our people speak 🇬🇧 🇺🇸 🇪🇸 🇩🇪 🇫🇷 🇺🇦 🇷🇺.

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Frequently asked questions

List of frequently asked questions about the residency permits and visas for Spain, including nomads visas:


Cost of the application?

The standard rate is generally around €80.


What documents are needed to apply for Nomads Visa for Spain?

A criminal record document from country of origin, apostiled and translated to Spanish.

University diploma - perhaps only translated to Spanish, but an apostle might be required

Employment or a contract(s) with your customers for freelancers or fixed term professionals


Income requirement?

Double the Spanish national minimum wage


Do I have to register with the authorities?

YES - you need to apply for the residency card, in the first 30 days after your arrival


What is the validity period?

Depends on your permit, but for professionals the first residency card is valid for 1 or 2 years (in case of EU Blue card)


Who can apply for it?

Remote workers in general, such as fixed term digital professionals, freelancers (self-employed), digital nomads, digital entrepreneurs.


Can I apply for it for my partner and children?

Yes! You can apply for the visa together with that of your spouse and your children in the same application.


Can this application be made online?

Yes. When the application is opened, you have the option to complete it online.


Who can't apply for it?

All the citizens from outside of the European Union, EEA citizens and citizens within the Schengen Area.

I'm Spanish Adviser and you can ask me any question related to Spain. Our people speak 🇬🇧 🇺🇸 🇪🇸 🇩🇪 🇫🇷 🇺🇦 🇷🇺.

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Hey! Can people apply for a Digital Nomad Visa within Spain when it's available? After two months of waiting, my friends finally got an appointment at the Los Angeles Consulate for their Non Lucrative Visa. For weeks, I had to refresh the appointment page trying to find an opening, and even had to help out. There are many people applying for visas but there is very limited staff. It's uncertain how much worse things will become when Digital Nomad Visas become available, but hopefully we can visit Spain and submit our paperwork in person. This type of thing is accepted in Mexico, so it isn't a novel idea. What are your thoughts?

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@Jenni You actually can come to Spain with all the documents and apply for a visa / residency permit here in Spain. I'm sure it will be possible to do for Nomad visa too.


P.S. There is no a little staff to my knowledge, there are too many bots catching appointments and then trying to sell. It is all over Spanish institutions unfortunately. 

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I'm Spanish Adviser and you can ask me any question related to Spain. Our people speak 🇬🇧 🇺🇸 🇪🇸 🇩🇪 🇫🇷 🇺🇦 🇷🇺.

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Here is the latest update


Spain is a prime tourist destination and area for digital nomads due to its desirable climate and cost of living in comparison to other countries in Europe.

Thanks to the new Startups Law, Spain has established a visa for digital nomads and teleworkers.

Starting 2023, it will be possible to apply for a residence permit that will allow you to work or pursue a professional activity outside of Spain.

A visa for people who work as digital nomads.


A Remote Work Visa in Spain gives non-EU citizens the possibility to work remotely while living there, with a residence permit that can be extended up to 5 years.

Foreigners who meet the criteria can get a residence permit to stay in Spain and still keep their jobs with international businesses from afar.


Information about the application

When applying for Spanish residency visa, you can include your spouse, partner, children (minor or adult) and dependent ascendants. The duration of the residence is taken into account when making this application.


This may be requested by:

  • If you have international clients or income sources and are self-employed, running a digital business outside of Spain.
  • Employees authorized by their company to work from a foreign location remotely.
  • What are the visa requirements for digital nomads?
  • Being 18 years or older and not residing in Spain illegally.
  • The employer must be located outside of Spain.
  • Your earnings from domestic sources or Spanish businesses must not exceed 20%.
  • Your residency application requires you to have been employed with your current company for a minimum of three months.
  • Must have a minimum of one year employment contract.
  • Show your expertise through professional certifications or three years of experience in the role.
  • To be considered, you must have no criminal history and provide a statement confirming the same over the last 5 years.
  • Get health insurance with coverage in Spain, either public or private - most likely private as there are special requirement for the public health insurance.
  • Make sure you and your family have the necessary funds while living in Spain.
  • The fee to be paid for the form 790-038.

Filled out the application form

If you're employed by a company, they must have been operating for at least one year and show that you can work from a distance.

If you are self-employed, you must be working for an overseas employer. The conditions of your contract should clearly indicate whether remote working is a possibility.


Showing economic capability

In order to do this, you need to submit a bank statement which contains at least double the SMI (for the main applicant) and 75% of the SMI for additional family members.


SMI is EUR14.000 
So, for the main person - 200% SMI = 28,000 EUR 
for every member of your family - 75% = €10K EUR,


How to proof those numbers: Through income contracts, payroll or by issuing a certificate of the company for which you work, lease contracts income can be count in too.


Get a visa and work in Spain

This residence permit, which generally enables individuals to work in Spain for overseas companies, permits certain activities to be completed in Spain with limitations. Please read them carefully. 


  • You must continue your employment relationship with the foreign company through which you got the nomad residency permit. I recommend to sign a bilingual contract Spanish - English to have no issue. The English language can prevail, so the employer shouldn't have issue signing it and you will not spend money for translating it into Spanish. 
  • You cannot earn more than 20% of your total income from business with a Spanish-based businesses.
  • Apply for a residence card within a month after arrival. TIE (foreigner identification card) - you have to make an appointment with the police, bring the necessary documents, and give fingerprints.
  • You will need an original and a copy of a valid passport.
  • Renewed registration certificate
  • You need two recent photos taken against a white background, known as a carnet.
  • Both the original and a duplicate of the resolution approving your visa.
  • EX17 form filled in, with the date and your signature on it
  • Filled in, signed with the date and other details - Model 790, 012 code


NOTE: The required documents may differ depending on your residence, but generally they are these.


Trips outside of Spain / Your anísense in the country

Those who possess this residence can go abroad for a maximum of six months (saying 183 days in a calendar year) each year.

Staying away for an extended period of time could result in you losing your residence permit.


Some useful links:

What is NIE (foreigner identification number) and how to get it

Quality of life in Spain

Moving to Spain - some useful tips

What is the cost of living in Spain

How to pay less taxes with Backhem law

What are the tax benefits under the new Startup / digital nomads law

Who can benefit from a new startup law

What kind of insurance you can have in Spain

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I'm Spanish Adviser and you can ask me any question related to Spain. Our people speak 🇬🇧 🇺🇸 🇪🇸 🇩🇪 🇫🇷 🇺🇦 🇷🇺.

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