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My wife and I have been trying to get Endesa to read our meter for over two and a half years now. We had an appointment with them in Adele on January 8th and even took a photo of the meter readings with us. They promised to sort it out, but we continue to be charged large amounts of about €90.00 or more at a time. Today, they even took €94.52 from our bank account. Our friends who live in a similar-sized apartment are only paying €40 to €50 at a time, so we suspect that we have overpaid by several hundred euros. Can anyone offer any assistance?

I live in Spain, love this country and share my experience with others.

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The similarity in the size of apartments doesn't necessarily mean that the bills will be alike. Various factors such as old water heaters, fridge freezers, and lack of LED lighting can consume more power. Therefore, if you receive "correct" bills that are different from your neighbours, this could be the reason.


According to the law, the Distributor is allowed to provide up to 10 estimated readings per year. However, if you have not received any actual meter readings on your bills for the entire two years, you should file a complaint against the Distributor.

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