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Non-EU citizens, such as those from the United Kingdom and the USA, who are considering living in Spain often have questions about the process.


Foreigners are allowed to remain as tourists in Spain for a maximum of 90 days, after which they must return to their country of origin.


If you remain in Spain for more than 90 days, you may have an irregular immigration status. It is important to note that in most cases residence cannot be gained in an irregular situation (which is a basic requirement). It has been documented that people who have violated the terms of their stay have been subject to deportation. Tourist visa in Spain - what are the exact rules of staying 90 days in 180 days? and 


Is it possible to enter Spain as a tourist and obtain a work permit?

Not typically. You need to start the procedures in your country of origin.

It is not possible to initiate the application process for a work permit from Spain. However, there is an exception.

The process of applying for an Entrepreneur Visa, Nomad Visa or Permit as a Highly Qualified individual can be completed entirely within Spain.


Obtaining legal residency in Spain as a tourist.

Certain residence permits, such as a non-lucrative visa, can be applied for at the Spanish consulate in the country of origin. There are also other ways to gain residence in Spain during a tourist stay. Here you are:


1) EU Community card (tarjeta comunitaria de UE)

If your partner is an EU citizen or has legal residence in Spain (Non-EU country citizen). To be eligible, you must either be registered as a common-law partner or married.

If you have not legally formalised your relationship, you are able to travel to Spain and then potentialy obtain the community card through registration as a common-law partner or marriage.


2) Student Visa - particular cases - is it possible to live in Spain studying language, can I bring my family when I'm on student visa

You can now obtain your student visa from either your country of origin or directly from Spain.

To be granted a study stay in Spain, the application must be submitted before the end of the second month of their tourist stay.

Once you have enrolled in an official study centre, you can then apply for a student visa (which is distinct from a residence permit). As part of the requirements, students must demonstrate that they have sufficient financial resources to stay in the country for the duration of their studies, as well as having private medical insurance.


3) Digital Nomad Visa - please read details here, how to proof income for digital nomad visa, a new digital nomad visa


4) The golden visa is an investment visa - detailed info can be found: 

In Spain, residency can be obtained by making an investment in the country as an incentive to draw foreign capital. To obtain this visa, one way to proceed is to invest 500,000 euros in one or more properties, either private or commercial. With the Golden Visa, you and your family are allowed to reside in Spain and pursue work opportunities.


5) Highly qualified individual / Professional

For professionals, managers, or directors, obtaining a normal work permit directly from Spain during their stay as a tourist is possible. The job offer must provide a minimum annual salary of approximately €50,000.

Additionally, it is important for the applicant to have finished their university education relevant to the job.


6) Entrepreneur visa

This residence is aimed at entrepreneurs who wish to develop a novel, technology-focused business project in Spain. The requirements are intricate, particularly regarding the business concept which should be set out in an extensive business plan.

The final option for obtaining legal residence as a tourist is...


7) Rooting

This is an exceptional case.

Residency through "rootin" is available to foreigners who have lived irregularly in Spain for a specified period of time. If you are in Spain without legal permission, there may be a solution available.


No-Lucrative visa can not be requested from Spanish territory - info: 

I live in Spain, love this country and share my experience with others.

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