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Since September of last year, there have been terrible damp problems in a row of four homes, including mine, in my community. The severity of the damage has made some rooms inhabitable with wet walls, mold, and plaster falling off.


Since 4 houses in a row had the same issues, we believed it was likely a community-wide problem, such as a burst pipe or clogged drain.


The issue was reported to the administration in October but nothing was done until last week, when a lawyer threatened to get involved. Resident responded and discovered that the problem was due to a blocked pipe further down the block of nine houses (four on the ground and five on stilts), which is why only four were affected.

Yesterday, the administration sent us an email stating that they need all of our insurance information in order to make any necessary repairs.


Finally, my question. What are the risks of providing my insurance information in this situation, when it comes to issues with a shared community resource? Could my premiums increase if my insurer gets involved in covering repairs and any damages done?


We are unsure how to proceed with the legal dispute between the insurance companies, and would greatly appreciate advice so that the cost to me remains unaffected.

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For the best outcome, it is recommended that you contact your insurance company and provide them with details of the situation so they can resolve it.

You are the client, so any dealings should be between you and them only—no third parties.

Get in touch with them.

I live in Spain, love this country and share my experience with others.

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