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1. Property Documents

When renting or selling an apartment in Spain, it is necessary to obtain two official documents: an occupancy certificate      (‘cédula de habitabilidad’ in Spanish) and energy certificate (‘certificado energético’). An occupancy certificate confirms that the property complies with local regulations and is suitable for living in, whereas an energy certificate states the amount of energy consumed and CO2 emissions emitted by the property. Before a rental agreement can be finalised, both certificates must be acquired from certified technicians.


2. Collect documents from tenant

Necessary supporting documents must always be clearly stated in tenancy agreement but could include proof salary/income/employment status OR college transcripts , copies residence permit OR valid passport IF applicable, bank statements/reference letters etc


3. Obtain income tax ID numbers for both landlord and tenant

Both landlord and tenant must provide their respective income tax ID number at time of signing rental agreement or if unable to provide at that time then within 30 days from start date of rental agreement


4. Collect documents from tenant

Necessary supporting documents must always be clearly stated in tenancy agreement but could include proof salary/income/employment status OR college transcripts , copies residence permit OR valid passport IF applicable, bank statements/reference letters etc.


5. Check past references

Always request relevant references prior to granting access / allowing occupancy since this will provide assurance itemised list mistakes can be rectified before consternation stage arises.


6. Contract

For any rental agreement you sign with tenants, you must have a legally binding contract (in Spanish as well as any other language you may choose) for both short and long term lettings. You must specify length & terms of rent, price amount & method of payment, frequency/timing payments (monthly), duration/length of stay (11 month maximum unless permanent), type & amount security deposit & liability for damages etc.


7. Discuss the length of lease

Leases longer than 11 months will have additional requirements under Spanish law and need to include more information such as rights and obligations of both parties, origin of money invested deposited by renter as part deposit, guarantor details as well as notifications that must be issued well ahead of when lease is due to end.


8. Inventory

No matter if your rental property is furnished, partially-furnished, or unfurnished with just appliances, you must draft an inventory list attached to the contract that outlines all of the contents. This way tenants can be held responsible for any damages they cause during their stay.


9. Take Photographs

Always take photographs comprising all rooms & furniture inside so if any discrepancies arise you’ve got photographic evidence plus follows through aim making repairs when needed / demanded upon delivery keys NOT waiting till end either! Apartment before after photos also key indicators possible discontentment user’s side eternally helpful deflection blames claims down line! Taking register assets incredibly helpful calculating replacement value easier property damaged beyond satisfaction eviction proceedings situation were occur.


10. Deposits

Depending on the type of rental agreement you select, there may be specific legal requirements and accepted norms concerning deposits, financial standing certification and references from prior landlords for potential tenants. The maximum is 2 months of rental that should be placed to the specific deposit account.


11. Insurance

Before signing any agreement, it is essential to ensure that your property, possessions and people are adequately insured against any damage caused by tenants or customers. It is essential to inform your insurer or broker if you plan on renting out your property.


12. Utilities

For long-term lets, you can decide whether to have the utilities and services under your name and charge the tenants or let them contract utility suppliers directly with the understanding that all costs should be covered by them. Be sure to document this clearly in the contract.

At start point always record electricity & gas readings because meter reader will come along at end point. If not supplied then utilities could remain on your bill until cancelled meaning ongoing hidden costs related to those utilities plus potential hefty disconnection charges too! When renting out on a short-term basis, factor in all potential expenses into the rental rate to ensure that you can cover your bills.


13. Community Fees

Ensure that all community fees are up to date if you own a property within a community. If your tenants are denied access to the swimming pool or padel court, they will not be pleased.


14. Rental Fees

We strongly advise that rent, whether for a long-term contract or a short stay, should be paid via bank transfer or direct debit. Having a proper agreement in place helps both parties and guarantees that all funds exchanged are legal and legitimate.


15. Cleaning and Check

Before handing over the keys, it is essential to thoroughly clean and check the property (including painting, if needed), as well as confirm that all its fitments and contents (such as appliances, light switches, power sockets, blinds, etc.) are properly functioning.


16. Property Management

If you find the prospect of overseeing your property intimidating, don't worry. Professional property manager companies or your neighbours that you trust can help make the process easier. 

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