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eScooters are almost banned in Madrid


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In Madrid, Spain's capital, the number of electric scooters is being decreased and new requirements are being established for their owners.


Starting on May 2, all Personal Mobility Vehicles in the city must be equipped with integrated GPS systems, cameras, and motion sensors to promote safer and more organized traffic.


Many pedestrians observe that riders of these vehicles commonly disregard the law by riding on sidewalks or without dismounting at zebra crossings (as expected by the law).


Total numbers will be reduced by 40% from 10,000 to 6,000 as one of the initial and potentially influential changes. The Madrid City Council has approved licenses for three companies, Lime, Dott and Tier, to upgrade their scooters. Borja Carabante, delegate of the Environment and Mobility Area at the City Council, stated that the goal is "to achieve safer and more organized traffic".


In order to accomplish this, GPS systems, cameras, and motion sensors will be integrated in order to detect when drivers are parking in the appropriate areas. Without this, the trip can neither begin nor be completed.


The upcoming scooters will be equipped with the DGT Zero label, as well as mandatory lights, a bell, and reflective elements that meet prevailing regulations. Furthermore, each scooter will be outfitted with an identification system to allow it to be integrated into a multimodal platform, like EN Madrid Mobility 360.


The integration of cutting-edge tech into these scooters will make it possible to get rid of an issue that caused 80% of the fines enforced on micro-transportation vehicles last year. Most of these sanctions were related to improper parking in pedestrianized zones.


If one of these vehicles is left unattended on a sidewalk instead of in an authorized station, it will require a collection team to retrieve it and return it to a parking space from which it can continue to circulate. Therefore, Lime will charge a fine of 10 euros for those who don't comply with the rules.


Outside of the designated spaces, it will be feasible to park cars unless there is already a motorcycle, moped, bicycle, or VMP within 50 meters of the parking area.


In addition, the company promises to offer courses in safe scooter usage during the period of authorization and implement an Action Plan to help users understand relevant laws and basic practices for riding scooters safely.

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Yep, I think it is a problem everywhere, not only in Madrid and I believe it is correct putting some regulation and limitation around the use of the eScooters, especially the once which are really quick as riders have much less control at high speeds.

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I live in Spain, love this country and share my experience with others.

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