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In Spain, all hosts of tourist accommodation must register travelers with the National Police or a similar security agency. Despite a lack of knowledge about the rule, first-time owners are often surprised to learn that they have to take care of the process on their own.

To register travelers, the owners must obtain a registration form from the National Police or a similar security agency. The form must be filled out with the traveler’s name, address, passport number, and other pertinent information. Once completed, the host must submit the form to the police or agency for processing.


In addition to registering travelers, hosts in Spain are also required to keep records of all guests staying at their accommodation. This includes personal information such as name, address, passport number, arrival and departure dates. Hosts may also be asked to provide copies of passports and other forms of identification for each guest.


This guide was designed to ensure you know how the Police's guest registration process works if you're interested in starting a vacation rental business or have already taken actions to do so.


Having travel documents is essential for all travelers. By submitting your name and email address in the form below, you can download our template if you wish.


Accommodation establishments in Spain must complete the registration process for all their guests when they arrive and depart.

The aim of guest registration is to provide the State Security Forces and Bodies (the National Police, specifically) with a list of visitors in Spanish tourist accommodation, which has been authorized by the government as a means to "protect public safety."

Without a doubt, the most critical component of traveler registration with the Police is the aforementioned Traveler Information Form, which must be completed with identification info for guests 14 years or older and submitted to authorities within 24 hours of check-in.


For a period of no less than three years, all traveler details must be kept in an organized and accessible record book which may either be physical or digital and contain at least 100 sheets and no more than 500.

Where can I register travelers?

This article explains how to register guests with the Police, though in certain cases other security forces may be involved.


Common in rural areas is for your accommodation to be closer to a Civil Guard (Cuartel / Puesto de Guardia Civil) rather than the Police. If that's the case, you must register with the Benemérita, a process which was outlined in our article about registering short-stay visitors at Civil Guard Inns.


Alternatively, if your accommodation is in either Catalonia or the Basque Country, you'll need to register visitors with the Mossos d'Esquadra or Ertzaintza respectively.



What is the process for signing up at Police Inns (WebPol/E-HOTEL)?

Those who register travelers with the National Police must do so via the online portal established by the authorities, which is known as Police Inns, WebPol or E-HOTEL depending on whom you ask.


Thankfully, the registration process is quite straightforward. For getting your access credentials, you must go to the nearest police station, make an appointment and conduct this process in person.


You can find the location of your local police station by following this link.


On the day of your appointment, make sure to bring your driver's license and proof of residency.

  • Identity document or authorization of the person responsible
  • Responsible Declaration of Start of Activity (DRIA)**
  • Document proving the property or right of usufruct on the property


Once all the information is verified, an official will register you on the application and give you your credentials. Congratulations! You are now ready to use Police Inns.


**A responsible declaration is required and must be submitted to the tourism administration for any vacation rental registration.

What is the process for sending a travel report via Police Inns (WebPol/E-HOTEL)?

Once you have the necessary credentials, begin submitting traveler reports on the Police portal. You have two choices available to you.


There are two ways to complete this task: you can generate and send the parts through the application, or you can upload previously completed parts from your computer or by hand.


The benefit of choosing the second option is that it enables you to send the whole batch of travelers together in one shipment, instead of generating and delivering them separately like the first option.


If you opt to obtain the documents from the Police website, enter the portal and click "Direct Recording of Records". You'll be presented with a form, which you will need to fill out with pertinent information about each of your guests (one form per traveler).

  • Identity document number
  • Type of document
  • Date of issue
  • Name
  • First surname
  • Second surname
  • Sex
  • Date of birth
  • Country of nationality
  • Date of posting


Once the data in the list is entered correctly, select the "Register" button to generate and submit the traveler's report.

Alternatively, if you decide to complete the parts on your computer, all you have to do is head to "Submit Files", press "Browse", upload the files and click "Send". It's simple!

What happens if you don't register your guests?

Failing to properly submit the tourist details to the Police may result in a minor penalty ranging from €100 to €600, or a serious penalty ranging from €601 to €30,000.


In addition to the fines, it is absolutely unacceptable for the Tax Agency to initiate proceedings against you for not providing guest information, as this is an indication of illegal accommodation.

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I live in Spain, love this country and share my experience with others.

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