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How to change the direct debit from old bank account to a new one?


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When you want to change a bank, you want to change everything related, and that includes changing the direct debits of the services you pay monthly, like electricity bills, or your mobile phone provider bills. There is more than one way to make the transfer and the process can be easier than you think.

As a general rule, there are two ways to change the direct debits (domiciliaciones bancarias) from your old bank account to a new one:

  • Through the service provider, change your account number in each company, one by one. For example, enter your mobile phone company’s customer account, notify the change, and do the same with gas, electricity, whatever you have connected. There are both online or by phone change usually is possible.
  • Through your bank, giving a call, sending email or visiting your branch. Not all the banks have this feature available.


Most of the banks have a services of changing direct debits. In some it is a more manual process of making and sending photos of your receipts in some other more automated and online. I would recommend you to check this with your new bank before the change of the bank is made to be prepared and have no surprices. 


How long does it take to change your direct debit for your receipts?

The change of direct debit is not immediate. It depends on each company and its billing cycles. There are companies that are able to do it instantly and others with which you will have to wait for the next receipt. Some companies need to register the new account number several days before sending the receipt. As a result, even if you notify before the payment date, the change may not occur until they send you the next invoice.


That is why it is advisable to keep the old account with some money to cover you in these cases.

In addition, it is also advisable to check all the recurring expenses of the account, since there are annual receipts that are easy for you not to locate. In fact, you can take advantage of that change of bank and direct debit to put your finances in order and delete subscriptions that you no longer use. This way you will be able to save.


Once you make the change, you will be able to follow the evolution of your accounts and expenses, in addition, you can return your receipts very easily if there is an undue charge.


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