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In some cities like Madrid and Barcelona all the vehicles owners are obliged to have an environmental sticker. What is it?  The DGT environmental quality seal is a sticker that quickly identifies the most eco-friendly vehicles - there are several restrictions on circulation of the different type of eco vehicles and parking restrictions. It should be placed in the lower-right corner of the windscreen. 


How to get it? You can easily buy it (5 euros) at any Post Office (Correos) with your vehicle docs (they check it by matricula). It is the easiest way. 

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  • Anderson changed the title to What is environmental sticker? Why I need it and how to get it?

Starting January 1, 2023, car owners in Spain need to be aware of a new environmental badge that classifies vehicles based on their energy efficiency and environmental impact.


The motive behind this classification is to recognize more environmentally friendly vehicles and serve as an effective instrument for municipal policies to promote new technologies through fiscal benefits or related to mobility and the environment, as well as restrict traffic during episodes of high pollution.


Four environmental badges have been created based on the efficiency of the vehicle, with the 50% most efficient vehicles being categorized and graded.


These are Label 0 Emissions (Blue) for the most efficient vehicles, Eco Label for hybrid vehicles, gas, or both, Label C (Green) for internal combustion vehicles that comply with the latest EURO emissions, and Label B (Yellow) for internal combustion vehicles that comply with previous EURO emissions.


Vehicles not entitled to any badge will fall under the 50% 'most polluting category'. The aim is to enable vehicle owners to be aware of their impact on the environment and encourage the use of cleaner vehicles.


What is required to check if my vehicle qualifies for an environmental badge?

All you need is your vehicle registration number. Simply go to the official DGT website, enter your registration number and click on 'consult'.


Where can I purchase an environmental badge?

Environmental badges are free to get at Post Offices (Correos), the network of workshops of the Spanish Confederation of Workshops (CETRAA), and other networks of authorized workshops, Administrative Managers, the Institute of Automotive Studies (IDEAUTO), and, for fleets, through the Ganvam association.


What is the cost of the environmental badge?

While the complete information consultation and download service is free, there is a fee of €5 for the label. Note that the price may be increased with shipping costs and may vary from seller to seller. To check prices, visit the DGT's sales network of Post Offices, the network of workshops of the Spanish Confederation of Workshops (CETRAA), other networks of authorized workshops, Administrative Managers, the Institute of Automotive Studies (IDEAUTO), and, for fleets, the Ganvam association.


Is displaying the environmental badge mandatory?

No, it is optional. However, some municipalities have regulations that can limit the circulation of vehicles depending on the badge they display. If you choose to display the badge, it must be affixed to the lower right corner of the front windshield, if applicable. For motorcycles, it must be placed on any visible part of the vehicle.


Will I benefit from the advantages if I don't display the badge?

Yes, for having a parking space for free. Many munitipalities withdraw the fee for parking on blue spaces for Eco vehicles. However, the main purpose of the badge is to allow agents to quickly identify the most environmentally friendly vehicles, particularly during times of high pollution. If you choose not to display the badge, agents will not be able to identify your vehicle as meeting the requirements, and you will not be able to benefit from any of the advantages associated with the different badges.


Can I get a Spanish environmental badge if my vehicle has a foreign license plate?

No, but if your vehicle comes from a country that has environmental certification, such as Austria, Denmark, France, or Germany, you can check the equivalent badge in Spain.


Can I drive in restricted areas within Spain with a badge from another country?

Yes, you can. You can check the similarities between the classifications of different countries to determine the equivalent Spanish badge for your vehicle. This will allow you to know what traffic restrictions may apply to you and drive on Spanish roads with the emblem from your country.


Is there a deadline for submission and processing?

No, you can check the environmental badge of your vehicle at any time. The response time for queries is typically immediate, with a response time of less than 5 seconds. The environmental label data is updated daily, with new registration data available within a maximum of 24 hours. Since the service is automated and provides immediate responses, there is no processing period for completion or any rule regarding non-response.





Where to place the environmental sticker




I actually like more space on the top, it is more invisible while driving and I get not use to have something there which distracts me.

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