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Looking for a lovely property in Spain to have nice life, no stress and not in the city ghettos. Who can help?


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I'm on the hunt for a piece of real estate and have been searching online. I'm having difficulty because I'm not familiar with these places. I am looking for a large farm. A bigger house and more land. Close to a wonderful town. Located near an international airport. Must have a pool or build one.


The plan is to rent a car and explore soon. I would really appreciate any advice or suggestions in any areas. I'd rather explore Spanish areas than be in overcrowded, foreign neighborhoods.


I've been looking around Granada. Perhaps somewhere closer to Malaga would work. The view of the ocean from the hills/mountains would be breathtaking. Clean air. Safety and fresh air. Staying near a charming Spanish village with great restaurants, bars, and cultural sites would be a dream come true. I deeply appreciate your assistance.

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Are you coming to Andalucia with the Golden Visa given those requirements?

If you're looking at buying a Campo property, be aware that in lots of cases it's not possible to add any features that weren't already included - such as a swimming pool. After taking a brief look on Idealista, I was surprised to see there were more properties that seemed to fulfill your criteria than I anticipated.


The minimum amount appears to be approximately 0.5 Million Euro. Without knowledge of your budget, there may be less expensive areas that don't fit what you need in terms of being "near a great town" or close to an international Airport. In Malaga and Granada, if you're looking for a certain kind of property, you'll probably need to invest in a good 4WD. Wishing you every success on your journey.


You might want to look into other regions like Murcia and Alicante, where are plenty of similar or sometimes better options might be found.


If you plan to farm, water is essential; be sure to avoid dry land as many advertised parcels do not have access to it.

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