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@Yapi, for the 2022 year the Capital Gain tax ranges are:

(Dividends up to €1,500 are tax-free)
€0 - €6,000 - 19%
€6,000 - €50,000 - 21%
€50,000 - €200,000 - 23%
Greater than €200,000 - 26%

Non-residents - 19%

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@Yapi, in terms of the personal income tax - it is on a sliding scale and increase the more you earn. From €0 - €12,450 the rate is 19% up to 47% for those who earn €300,000 or more. There is a difference between the province where you are registered: for example, in Madrid the tax is lower than in Barcelona or Valencia. You can use this calculator to have an idea. 

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