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Should I exchange my EU driving license to Spanish one or I can use it with a limit?

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Does Spain accept a driver's licence from Europe (such as Portugal) that was exchanged from a non-EU country (like Israel), without having any traffic agreement with said country?


Rather than being an original document issued upon completion of a theory and practical driving test, the Portuguese licence is one which has been converted.


I'm looking for an answer to this question, and any help pointing me in the direction of the right official website would be greatly appreciated.

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It is not possible to possess more than one European driving license simultaneously. Consequently, if you relocate to another country in the EU, there's no need to exchange your permit. If you choose, you can voluntarily exchange your permit for one that is equivalent in your new home country.


In your specific case @SpanierIt is important to acquire a Portuguese driving license BEFORE beginning residency in Spain.

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