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What are the options for accessing public health without a health card?

Unless you are a beneficiary or insured by the National Health System, you cannot access public medical services. The Ministry of Health has authorized a program that allows you to acquire a health card and access any public healthcare center for a monthly fee. Adults aged 18 to 64 need to pay 60 euros. Seniors aged 64 and above can subscribe for a fee of 157 per month. This tutorial will give you instructions on how to access public healthcare without a health card.


What do you have to do to have a health card?

Your individual health card enables you to access medical services from the National Health System. In Spain, there are no charges for visiting a health center or hospital.

To access it, you must have insurance through the National Health System. In order to be insured, you must fulfill the following criteria:

- You must be enrolled in Social Security and actively contributing (paying the associated fees) to be eligible.

- Be Retired.

- Receive periodic Social Security benefits such as unemployment or an allowance.

- Anyone registered at the office as a claimant and who has used up their benefits is also regarded as covered.

To be eligible, individuals must have Spanish or EU nationality, or a foreign residence authorization in Spain and an income of less than 100,000 euros.


Another way to obtain a health card is to be an beneficiary of an insurance policy. In order to achieve this, they must fulfill the following criteria:

- Live (residence) in Spain.

- Be married to someone who has health insurance, or create an official record of your relationship (such as registering as domestic partners).

- As an ex-spouse, you are responsible for the insured.

- Beneficiaries who are direct descendants of the insured, or those in charge of them, and are under 26 years old or have a disability of 65% or greater are eligible.


What happens if you don't qualify for a health card?

If you aren't eligible for an individual health care card, you can sign a special agreement that takes effect on September 1st, 2013. This agreement gives you the ability to access a basic selection of public health services for a monthly fee.


Adults between the ages of 18 and 64 have to pay 60 euros per month.

- If you are aged 64 or above, the cost to pay would be 157 euros.

- Those who are underage or expecting a baby and do not have a health card will receive treatment without having to sign a contract.


Autonomous communities can add an extra cost, making this service more or less expensive depending on the area you're in.

If you accept this agreement, you will have access to professional assistance no matter where you are.

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