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How to proof income for digital nomad visa in Spain?


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Hello everybody! I am very excited for the upcoming launch of the digital nomad visa for Spain. Some people think it should be implemented in January, while others believe it won't happen until March. Hoping to see an application  / docs for a new visa, I daily keep an eye on the consulate.

  1. Is there any other way to find out when it will be available besides checking the consulates webpage?
  2. Besides that, we are gathering documents to decide the most effective way to show proof of income. Getting pay stubs from the previous 3 months notarized, apostilled, and translated would require 6 documents, which can be expensive. Are there shorter ways to show proof of income for the visa? My employer will give me a letter verifying my annual salary and authorize me to work from Spain. Would the salary stated in the letter be sufficient for one year?
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Hey Jenni, in order to prove your income you will need to show your bank statements with the movements for the last 3 months (so that a consulate may see that you are really getting the income from the proposed labour/freelance relation), payslips for the same 3 months (if it is labour contracts) plus your freelance or labour contract where it is shown that you can work remotely and letter issues recently, so it can prove that you still work 🙂

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