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Is it possible to study online at a language school for getting a visa? 

Officially, only full-time education is suitable for a visa. Unofficially, some schools introduce online learning, as sometimes they run out of class capacity. But in this case, students are still asked to come to school at least 1-2 times a week. The reason is that the police can check the school and, if something goes wrong, deprive it of accreditation and the student - the residence.


Is it necessary to confirm knowledge of Spanish at the basic level when applying for a study visa for language courses?

If you inquire for a residency permit for studying in Spain (Visa D), but bypassing the consulate in your country, the level of language level, at the time of documents submission is not important, it can be absolute zero. If you apply for the visa D at the Spanish Consulate, it is recommended to confirm your knowledge of the language at A2-B1 level. But in Consulate, there is always a risk of being refused due to some other factors, like your age. So the first option is more reliable.


I want to get a student visa for my mother for language courses. Won't age be an obstacle? What is the best way to submit documents?

I would recommend to open a regular visitor visa (Schengen visa), enter to Spain and apply for a student visa at Extranjeria (Public Immigration service). So far, there are positive cases of getting a student visa for language courses by people under 63 years old.


Do language courses lead to a specialty or profession? Are there any cases when students get a work permit immediately after entering the courses?

Language courses are for getting language skills only. The profession is obtained either at a university or at a technical school. Any University / Technical school student can work part-time up to 30 hours a week. The right will be printed on the ID card (TIE, tarjeta de identidad de extranjero in Spanish).


Is it possible to exchange a student residency permit to the regular one with the right to work after a year?

Yes, a new law came into force in July 2022. According to the law, after 1 year of study it is possible to apply for a residence permit with the right to work. But the law did not specify the type of study. Based on previous experience, this may apply only to university education, not language courses. Therefore, it will be possible to answer your question accurately only over time, if (or when) successful cases appear. According to the previous law, a residence permit for education can be exchanged to working residence permit after 3 years.


When can I apply for a student visa after entering Spain?

On the first day, if the entire package of documents is ready. The main condition: you need to submit documents at least one month before the end of your stay on a Schengen visa (legally according to Schengen you can stay in the country for up to 90 days in every 183 days period). If you're entered without a visa, please double check how long stay is permitted.


Is it possible to bring my relatives while on a study visa on the basis of language courses?

Yes, of course.

Basically, there are two options:

A relative will be enrolled to the language courses. This is the easiest way to legalize in Spain: it can be done through the Spanish consulate or from the Spanish territory, entering with as a tourist. Consulates often refuse student visas for the ones who are older than 35. 

The second one is requesting Visa D for your close family members (spouse, cohabitant, minor children, children with special needs) as accompanying the student. Can I bring my family when on student visa? 

This option is the one indicated on the consulate's website, but it is often refused (especially if there are several accompanying persons), so the consulate considers it as immigration, not as accompaniment of a student.


The most reliable option: all family members come to Spain as tourists, enroll  (parents - for language courses or university, and children over 6 years old - to school), and apply to the migration service (parents - independently of each other).

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