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What is certificate of concordance and how to get it? Certificado de concordancia.

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Once you get Spanish nationality and finally get your Spanish ID (DNI), don't make the mistake that many foreigners typically make! Well, you will still have one last phase in the very important process (although quite fast): getting your certificate of concordance. What is it about? In this post we show you how to do it step by step, what it is exactly and what it is for.


What is the certificate of concordance?

This certificate is the document that confirms that you're exactly the same person who previously had a NIE and residence card as a foreigner and now obtained Spanish nationality and ID card number...


During your entire period of residence in Spanish territory you have used a TIE and a specific NIE number to identify yourself with the public administration and different private institutions. We are talking about banks, Social Security, Tax Agency, Immigration Office, Property registry and others.


However, when you obtain Spanish nationality, your identity document changes: instead of having a TIE you have your Spanish ID, which contains a DNI number (different from your NIE), in addition to receiving a new passport number. So, there is no longer NIE number exists.


In many occasions with Spanish nationality you going to have a second surname (your mother's first surname); so your records are doubly altered.


This means that all these private institutions that had you registered with your TIE and NIE have to update their registration to verify that you are the same person (although now with a new document and identity number).


The certificate of concordance is the document that allows this identification and verification.


How to get the certificate of concordance?

Take an appointment in any police office for certificates. Fill in EX-15 marking "Certificado". Pay a fee 7,37 eur using form 790 (with the code 012). When visiting your bank, take any other document you still have with NIE - your driving license would work well. When everything is ready, make a copy of your DNI and visit the police office.  

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