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What is a new Spanish visa for digital nomads and remote workers?

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All those who are considered digital nomads or who have moved to Spain to work remotely for a foreign company will have much easier access to Spanish residence with the new visa that will be created with the startup law: the visa for digital nomads. It can be granted independently of the nationality.


It is a 1-year residence permit with the possibility of renewing for 2 more (and so on) as long as the initial requirements are still met.


In addition, it is also planned to create a specific residence permit for people who work in a foreign company located in Spain, including the audiovisual sector.


We still have to wait for the official publication of the law to find out what the exact requirements will be and how the foreigner can demonstrate their status as a digital nomad or remote worker, but in general the income received in Spain cannot exceed more than 20%. of all their income.


Thus, this new residence will become the alternative to the non-profit residence (no lucrativa) that so many foreigners wanted to find.

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Start-up Law in Spain is a law that provides incentives for entrepreneurs to start and develop their businesses in Spain. The law includes tax benefits, simplified administrative procedures, access to public funding, and other measures designed to make it easier for entrepreneurs to launch and grow their businesses.


It also provides legal protection for intellectual property rights and encourages the development of innovative technologies. Additionally, the law allows foreign investors to obtain Spanish residency through investment in a Spanish start-up.

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