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  1. Real Estate

    1. Buy Real Estate in Spain

      Any question about purchase a property in Spain. If you're thinking to buy a property, this forum is for you to check what are the requirements, related laws, conditions and real-life situations with buying an apartment or a house in Spain.

    2. Short-stay Rentals in Spain

      Any question about short-stay rentals of your property in Spain. If you're thinking to rent out your property in Spain or already doing it, this forum is for you to have insight on current rules, related laws, requirements, conditions and real-life situations with renting your apartment or a house for visitors in Spain.

    3. Long-term Rentals in Spain

      Any question about Long-term rentals of your property in Spain. If you're thinking to rent out your property for long-term in Spain or already doing it, this forum is for you to have insight on current rules, related laws, requirements, conditions and real-life situations with renting your apartment or a house for long time in Spain.

    4. Community and Utilities

      Any question about community and utilities at your property. Every question related in community rules or issues, contracts for electricity, water, gas and etc. 

    5. Repairs and Improvements

      Any question about making repairs or improve your home in Spain.

  2. Life in Spain

    1. Life in Spain

      Any question about life, rules, behaviour in Spain in general.

    2. Necessary Documents

      Any question about documents for living in Spain.

    3. Health and Medical services

      Any question related to medicine and health in Spain, excluding medical insurance.

    4. Education

      Any question about education in Spain - kindergartens, private and public schools, university, Master, MBA education.

    5. Insurance

      Any question about insurance for the real estate, car, life and medical insurance in Spain.

    6. 71
    7. Kids

      Any question about kids, their life and growth in Spain.

    8. Pets

      Any question about taking care of pets in Spain

    9. Cars, motos and roads

      Any question about taking care of cars, motorcycles and roads in Spain

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    • On Tuesday, 14th March, the agreement has been signed: from now all British licences can be exchanged for Spanish ones without tests and can be used as a temporary extension for 6 months. The effective date is 16th March 2023.
    • Whenever we travel to the UK with our two dogs, we ensure that they possess a pet passport and have been microchipped, with an updated rabies vaccination. Additionally, a tapeworm treatment is required within five days of entering the UK and must be recorded in the pet passport by a licensed veterinarian.   In order to bring your dog into Great Britain (England, Wales, and Scotland), a licensed veterinarian must provide treatment for tapeworm and record it in the pet passport or health certificate. This treatment must be administered no less than 24 hours and no more than 120 hours (5 days) before entry into Great Britain.   Check the official info
    • I am preparing to move back to the UK and will be bringing my dog that I adopted in Spain with me. I have already obtained a dog passport for him, as well as having him microchipped and vaccinated against rabies.
    • To cancel your activity with the Tax Agency (AEAT) as a freelancer / self-employed, you must complete either the model 036 or 037 forms provided by the Treasury. These forms may already be familiar to you, as they are the same forms used for registering as a freelancer or adding a new IAE heading to your professional activities.   To unsubscribe as a freelancer online with the Treasury, you can access the AEAT Electronic Headquarters (remember to use your digital certificate, Cl@ve PIN, or electronic DNI) and select "Completion and electronic submission." Then, check the appropriate boxes: 150: Cessation of activity . 151: Cause that motivates the procedure. 152: The Effective Date of the Withdrawal .   To successfully withdraw from Social Security (TGSS), you will need to access the Social Security Electronic Office with either your digital certificate. From there, you will need to complete form TA.0521. If you are unable to submit the form electronically, you will need to visit a Social Security office to complete the process. It's important to note that, like with the Treasury, cancelling your subscription does not exempt you from paying the self-employed fee for the month in which you are submitting your cessation of activity.
    • I require assistance with deregistering from Automomo and social security online. Last week, I left Spain due to personal reasons, and I need to halt these services immediately to avoid additional fees. I possess my digital certificate. I would appreciate any guidance, including a recommendation for a trustworthy English-speaking gestor.
    • @Norma this is quite unusual. Opening an account only requires an NIE, although certain banks may require a TIE or passport, the latter is not yet obligatory. Since pensioners do not possess work contracts, it may be necessary to seek out another bank. However, it is important to note that all banks now charge a fee for opening an account. Perhaps you can open a bank account in online bank, check out this post
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